The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba will be coordinating member registration in the 2019 Archery Canada Mail Match Competition, under the guidance of Manitoba Mailmatch Coordinator Wendy Roberts (mbmailmatchcoordinator@gmail.com).

For those who are not aware of the national competition, it is a great way to enhance your shooting whether you are at home or at the range with friends. Unlike registered archery competitions, the national event accepts scores shot at any location with out competitors or a judge on hand.

The Mail Match is a competition held yearly from the first of January to the end of March.  Competitors may shoot a maximum of 1 Canadian 300 Round (30 arrows at 18 meters) per week for 12/13 weeks.  These scores are sent to the Archery Canada Mail Match Coordinator (indoormailmatch@archerycanada.ca) who sends out monthly updates of scores and averages.  At the end of the 12/13 weeks the six best scores for each archer are averaged and medals awarded in two ways, first under the AC Category divisions (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and secondly by the listed classifications (only Gold is award to the top score in each classification if a Gold has not been awarded in the AC Category divisions).  Pins are also awarded for six for sixty (paid for by the competitor at a cost of $5.25 + S/H per pin).

Another way of taking part is by entering the Team Event where you are able to compete as a team against other clubs.  A team shall consist of 3 or 4 members from the same club.  Team composition shall consist of: at least one (1) finger shooter, at least one (1) release shooter and at least one (1) woman, junior or younger age or wheelchair archer. Clubs can only submit ONE (1) team.

The Mailmatch is an excellent competition for the archer who cannot get to any of the larger tournaments during the winter months. It also gives the archer an idea as to how other archers are shooting by comparison.  This competition is also good practice for tournaments but under less stressful conditions.

If you wish to join the Mailmatch, please register at: https://goo.gl/forms/z096vsVbJWy9XcYy1

for a full listing of the event rules, please visit: http://www.archerycanada.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/page/files/mailmatchrules.pdf

For more information on the event, please contact Wendy Roberts at: mbmailmatchcoordinator@gmail.com