ABAM Documents and Policies


This agreement will outline some of the expectations of the Athlete which are a condition of his/her being a member of the Provincial Team Program. Please read the articles carefully and, if in agreement, sign where indicated.

The Archers and Bowhunters Association of Manitoba , Inc. (the “Association”) is committed to the achievement of equal opportunity including the establishment of a sport environment in which all the members have the opportunity to contribute to the sport to their maximum potential. As such the Association has a zero tolerance policy, meaning no level of harassment is acceptable. The goals of the policy are to:

  1. prevent further harassment;
  2. resolve a complaint fairly and in a timely manner; and
  3. minimize any potential harm to a complainant or liability that may attach to the Association, its Directors, staff and members.

ABAM BINGO POLICY (amended April 22, 2017) (VIEW)

To all Affiliated Clubs and Members who have questions about Bingo Policy and Procedures, the following information may assist you.

  • ABAM Constitution & By-laws (PDF)
  • ABAM Code of Conduct (PDF)
  • ABAM Environmental Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM Appeals Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM Dispute Resolution (PDF)
  • ABAM Complaint & Disciplinary Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM Conflict of Interest (PDF)
  • ABAM Privacy Policy – (PDF)
  • ABAM Internal Social Media Use Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM External Social Media Use Policy (PDF)
  • Social Media Guidelines for Coaches & Athletes (PDF)
  • ABAM Bowhunting Principles (PDF)
  • ABAM Respect in Sport Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM Finance Policy (PDF)
  • ABAM Screening Policy (PDF)
  • Provincial Target Team Coach Job Description (PDF)
  •  Provincial Target Team Manager Job Description (PDF)

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