Archery Development Program

Available at the following Clubs/Ranges:

Heights Archery Range
C/O Carrie Minion & Jason Sweet
2281 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
204 832 4421

Selkirk Arches & Bowhunters
C/O Mike Fox
Lord Selkirk Regional Comp. Secondary School
221 Mercy Street, Selkirk, MB

The Archers and Bowhunters Association offers Archery Development Programs for the following age groups:

  • 7-8 years old (max class size 8)
  • Youth 8 – 17 years old
  • Adult 18 & over

Goal of the Archery Development Program is to provide a seamless and logical progression in the development of skill in the sport of archery, with clear targets for each level of competency.

Session 1 – Cost: $115.00
Introduction to Archery (New Archers Only)

  • Safety
  • Basic Steps
  • Introduction to Archery, games
  • Utilizes badge system
  • 10 week program
  • Maximum class size of 18
  • Instructor to participant ration 1:9
  • All equipment provided

Session 2 – Cost: $115.00
Enrolment limited to maximum of 3 sessions.

  • Instruction in 10 basic steps
  • Standard scheduled in class tournament week 10.
  • Program-wide mail match
  • Utilizes current badge system
  • Maximum class size of 18
  • Instructor to participant ration 1:9
  • All equipment provided
  • Equipment Rental available

Session 3
Pre Provincial Team / Advanced Archery Program – Recurve & Compound
Duration of enrolment unlimited.

  • Archers provide their own equipment
  • Maximum class size of 9.
  • Equipment Rental might be available (rent to own)
  • A Mini Training Plan will be provided to the students which will include session practice, additional weekly practice (outside class time), and tournament participation (with coach)
  • Will utilize LTAD ‘Training to Train’ training outline
  • An ABAM coach (level 2 minimum certification) will direct this program

This session will aid the students in their overall fitness development – physical and mental. A program developed by an ABAM accredited strength and conditioning coach will be used (a pre-program evaluation by the coach will be needed. Cost of the evaluation is the students’ responsibility). Strength and conditioning training will be the responsibility of the student and performed outside of the programs’ class (gym membership fees are not covered by this program).
All tournament fees and transportation to the tournaments are the students’ cost.

KidSport ManitobaKidSport – So ALL Kids Can Play!

KidSport is national charity administered by Sport Manitoba that helps to remove barriers and assist less fortunate children participate in sports – so all kids can play. If you know anyone who needs KidSport assistance, please contact the KIDSPORT™ FUND.



Sport Manitoba’s Respect in Sport Program

Sport Manitoba’s Respect in Sport program, an online training course that is being implemented for all coaches, officials and executive committee members part of our organization. Sport Manitoba has initiated this program to create a better sport environment for children through education. Since its inception, the program has grown to be nationally recognized and implemented.

About the course:ris_logo

The course is three hours in length, divided into six one-half hour modules. It can be completed at the participant’s leisure, in its entirety or in segments at their own pace. The program is available in both English and French. The training is provided free of charge to all participants. 

*All coaches, officials and executive committee members in our organization must complete the Respect in Sport Course.

For more details or to access the program please click here.

Mobile Archery Program – Introduction To Archery Clinics

Introduce your students to the sport of Archery!
The Archers & Bowhunter’s association of Manitoba in partnership with Archery Canada and Sport Manitoba is offering clinics at schools, camps, and recreation centers throughout the year.

Our program is mobile, we come to your school with an instructor and all essential archery equipment.

ABAM’s introduction to archery school clinics are conducted by an NCCP certified instructor and safety is top priority

Program Details

  • We provide equipment that allows for up to 26 participants to shoot at a time.
  • Our structured classes range from 75 to 90 minutes
  • The participants shoot a 36” x 36” target at a distance between 8 and 15 meters.
  • Our program uses the recurve bow, which the current Olympic standard bow.

To find our more on the program or to register a clinic please contact the office at 204 925 5697 or by email at

Olympic Program

Purpose: To foster the continued development of an elite level Recurve Archery Program in Manitoba.


  • To provide a program with financial and technical support that will allow elite level Manitoba Recurve Archers to reach their potential
  • To encourage Manitoba Archers to perform to their fullest potential at major competitions and to elevate Manitoba archers performances to an International Level (Podium Performances)

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order for an archer to qualify for the ABAM Olympic Program, the following conditions must be met:
  • The Archer must have registered with the ABAM Provincial Team by application deadline of the current year.
  • The Archer must adhere to a complete and comprehensive annual training plan; this is to be submitted to and approved by the ABAM at the time of eligibility. A training plan is required annually. The training plan must include regular Sports Psychology and Strength and Conditioning.
  • The Archer must attend all ABAM Provincial Team activities. A request for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the Coach/Manager. The decision of all requests will be the responsibility of the HPC
  • Available only to Junior and Senior Recurve Archers
  • Upon attaining acceptance into the Olympic Program based on results in one season, an Archer will continue his/her membership in this program for the following season providing that the Archer continues to train in their appropriate recurve category.

Entry Level Criteria for ABAM Olympic Program

  • Only Junior or Senior Recurve Categories are eligible
  • The Archer must be on the current National Team Roster and or secured a medal finish in the current/previous years Canadian Archery Championships in their respective age division in the Recurve equipment category.

Program Support Procedures

  • Upon completion of the National Team Selection or Canadian Archery Championships the HPC in consultation with the Athlete/Athlete’s coach will establish eligibility for the Archer.
  • To access support each archer (or parent/guardian if under the age of 18) has to complete and sign the Expense Claim Form and forward it to the ABAM office.
  • The annual deadline for Olympic Program support is March 25 for each fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).

Eligible Expenses

  • National Team Selection Expenses (accommodation, meals, transportation etc.)
  • Out of Province Competition – Major Events approved by the HPC
  • Archery Training Expenses (equipment, facility, training fees, entry fees, uniforms etc.)

Funding Levels

Maximum Funding
non-olympic year
top 3 at canadian archery championships or national team roster
olympic and qualifying year
olympic team roster

Download the Olympic training program expense claim form here.