Bryanne Lameg and Team Canada Win Silver at World Indoors

(Shown in photo from left to right: Ashlyn Scriven (SK), J’lynn Mitchell (SK), & Bryanne Lameg)

Congratulations to Team Mantitoba Archer Bryanne Lameg and her teammates Ashlyn Scriven and J’lynn Mitchell of Saskatchewan on their silver medal finish at the 2018 Yankton World Archery Indoor Championships this past weekend!  The Canadian Women’s Junior Compound Team was ranked 4th going into their quarterfinal match against the 5th ranked Mexico. The quarter final match was very tight, seeing both teams take slim leads from one end to the next. Team Canada finished strong in the final end with a near perfect score of 59 of a total 60 points giving them a final score of 230 over Mexico’s 229. Click here to see the match summary: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/match/CJW/team/10

Moving onto the semi finals, Team Canada was given the daunting task of competing against the top ranked Italians.  In a similar match to the quarterfinal, Canada and Italy kept the match tight through the first three ends with either team taking a slight lead at times. Again, Team Canada shone in the final end scoring a near perfect 59 points to take the final match with a final score of 230 to 229.  Click here to see the match summary: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/match/CJW/team/4

The gold medal match saw the Canadian Women take on the second ranked team from USA. The match began with a tie in the first end, followed by Team Canada dropping five points in the second, putting them four points down from Team USA. The Canadian fought back with a strong third end tying that end with a score of 58 points. Despite the strong attempt to come back, the Canadian Team dropped one more point from the total in the last end, loosing to the Americans with a final score of 225 – 230. Click here to see the match summary: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/match/CJW/team/0

Our organization is proud of Bryanne and her teammates on a very strong performance, rallying to knock off Team Mexico and the top ranked Italians to compete in the gold medal match was inspiring!


Austin Taylor and Team Canada Win Bronze at World Indoor Championships

(Photo from World Archery Website: Shown left to right – Tristan Spicer-Moran (SK), Cole Beres (AB), & Austin Taylor.

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor and teammates Cole Beres and Tristan Spicer-Moran on their Bronze Medal Finish in the Compound Junior Men Team Round at the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships!

“After losing to Australia in a shoot-off in the semis, Austin TaylorTristan Spicer-Moran and Cole Beres from Canada beat Denmark by one point, 232-231, to secure compound junior men’s bronze.

The Canadian men were behind by one over the first three ends. Then, in the fourth end, they scored five 10s and one nine against Denmark’s trio each of 10s and nines to take the win.

“It was good and stressful, but that’s normal, I guess. We shot well and we pulled it all together at the end which is the best we could ask for,” said Cole.

“We were down for most of the match, so all we were thinking was about putting the next arrow in the middle and not about the score at all. It was a good comeback.””

(from World Archery Online Article by ANDREA VASQUEZ, full article available at: https://worldarchery.org/news/156879/juniors-win-1st-medals-yankton-world-indoors)



Update from the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships

Update from the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships:

Day 4

Following day four, Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor and teammates have captured a Bronze Medal after a great match against Denmark. Team Manitoba Archer, Bryanne Lameg and teammates J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriven won their quarter final and semi final matches to shoot for gold, tomorrow, Monday February 19 at 9:30 AM.

To follow the event results while they steam live, visit: 


Day three was individual eliminations for Compound Junior Women and Compound Junior Men round of 1/8 through to the end of the semi-finals. Austin Taylor entering his first match ranked 9th, shot against the 8th ranked Australian Archer Harri Howden. Austin dropped several points in opening two ends before coming back with three very strong ends scoring a total of 146. Despite Austin’s strong finish, he fell short of his opponent’s near perfect score of 149 of a possible 150 points.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg entered her first match ranked 6th, against opponent Ella Gibson, the 11th ranked archer from Great Britain. Bryanne started the match down a slim margin before taking a lead into the final end, where her opponent tied the match. The match was decided by a shoot off, which led to both archers scoring a nine. Unfortunately, Bryanne’s arrow was outside her opponent’s by a slight measurement and all three of our Manitoba Archers have been eliminated from individual match play rounds.

Bryanne will compete in the Women’s Junior Team Event with fellow Canadian’s J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriveni. The 4th ranked Canadian Women will compete in the 1/4 match against the 5th ranked Team Mexico at 11:10 AM, Saturday February 17th.

Moving on to the Team Rounds, Austin will be competing in the Compound Junior Men Team Event along side Cole Beres & Tristan Moran. The Junior Men’s team is ranked 3rd and will meet the 2nd ranked Australians at 11:40 AM on Saturday February 17th.

Good luck to all the Canadian Archers shooting matches today!

Follow the matches as results stream live here: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/



After Day 2, All three Manitoba Archers have completed their qualification round. Allan Gunter ranked 24th with a score of 581. Following the qualification round for Compound Men, Allan met 9th seeded Peter Elzinga of the Netherlands in the round of 1/16. Allan shot strong posting a score of 143, but fell short as Elzinga shot a near perfect score of 149.

(Photo: Allan Gunter)

In the Compound Junior Men Division, Austin Taylor finished his qualification round placed 9th with a score of 584, which was the top score from any Canadian on the day. Given the placement of 9th, Austin has a bye through the round of 1/16, he is scheduled to shoot against the 8th seeded Australian Archer Harri Howden at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Austin is successful he will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg is ranked 6th in the Compound Junior Women Division with a score of 576, which was a tie for top score of all Canadian Women on the day. Given the placement of 6th, Bryanne has a bye through the round of 1/16, she is scheduled to shoot against the 11th seeded Archer Ella Gibson, from Great Britain at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Bryanne is successful she will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

To follow the competition and view results as they stream live, please visit: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/


Austin Taylor Places 2nd at 2018 Vegas Shoot

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor on placing second in the Youth Adult Division at the 2018 NFAA Vegas Shoot! Following the official scoring rounds, Austin was in a three way tie for 2nd place, in a division of over 50 archers from six different countries. The ties were determined by a live-streamed three-way shoot off, which Austin won, taking the final placement of second overall and winning a $1500 U.S. cash prize. This fantastic performance by Austin comes just ahead of the 2018 World Indoor Archery Championships which are taking place February 14 – 19 in Yankton, South Dakota. Austin will be representing Team Canada along with fellow Manitoban’s Allen Gunter and Bryanne Lameg. For a full listing of results of the NFAA Vegas Shoot, please go to: http://ianseo.net/TourData/2018/3115/ENE.php. To follow the progress of Austin, Allan and Bryanne at the upcoming Indoor World Championships, please visit: https://worldarchery.org/competition/17863/yankton-2018#/


Article: Highly rated young archer is aiming high

This article was published by the Canstar Community News. The full article source is available HERE

Highly rated young archer is aiming high


Canada Winter Games Team Selection Document


2019 Canada Winter Games – February 15 – March 3, 2019 (Archery Event Dates TBD)


The purpose of this selection document is to define the specific process and criteria used by ABAM to select the archery athletes that ABAM will send to compete at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, to be held in Red Deer, Alberta from February 15th to March 3rd, 2019.

One (1) Compound Male, One (1) Compound Female, One (1) Recurve Male and One (1) Recurve Female will be sent to the 2019 Canada Winter Games. There will be one alternate athlete selected for each of the above team spots.


Under the guidance of ABAM’s Athlete Development Committee, the ABAM Executive Committee is the sole decision-making authority for the approval of nominations of athletes.

3)      ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for the 2019 Canada Winter Games Team

To be eligible for selection to compete at the Canada Winter Games, archery athletes must meet the eligibility criteria outlined below:

  1. a) Shoot a compound or recurve bow.
  2. b) Be a Manitoba Resident 180 days prior to opening of games
  3. c) Twenty (20) years of age and under as of December 31st, 2019. Year of Birth: Born in the calendar year 1999 or later.

4)       ATHLETES EXCLUDED FROM THE CANADA GAMES (as per the event Technical Package)

  • Senior National Team athletes
    • Athletes who do not meet the date of birth requirements as determined in section 3 of this document
    • Athletes that have held a Senior, SR1 or SR2 card (as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance program) at any time
    • Athletes who have previously competed for any nation at the following events:
    o Olympic Games
    o Senior World Archery Championships
    o Pan American Games
    o Commonwealth Games
    o FISU Games

No athlete can be rendered ineligible within 90 days of the opening of the Games due to carding status or National Team status (i.e., no athlete will be excluded if they become National Senior Team members for the first time or are granted carding status after November 10th, 2018).

* Athletes who hold a C card (as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance program) or are in their first year of Senior National Team status may be deemed eligible on a case by case basis. Requests must be submitted to the respective Provincial/Territorial Chef de Mission and approved by the Canada Games Council’s Sport Committee.”



The objective of the team selection process is: Select athletes with a reasonable probability of finishing in the top half of the men’s and women’s competition.


The following specific criteria will be used for the selection of archery athletes to compete at the 2019 Canada Winter Games:

  1.       Archers must participate in all Training & Competitions as outlined by the Archers & Bowhunters
    Association of Manitoba.
  2. Archers must shoot and submit scores for a minimum of Five (5) Registered (AC and/or World Archery or other World Archery member national associations (e.g. USA Archery) 18M indoor rounds between January 19, 2018 and December 3, 2018 to obtain a ranking score.
  3. Ranking scores must have been shot in the Compound or Recurve division in the Cadet or Junior age categories.
  4. It is the archer’s sole responsibility to submit qualifying scores from outside Manitoba to the ABAM Office in a timely manner. A list of archers with submitted qualifying scores will be posted on the ABAM website as they are received.

Ranking scores will be determined as follows:
A minimum of five (5) scores above or equal to the Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) must be submitted during the qualifying period to be ranked for selection. Total cumulative score of an athletes top three (3) scores will determine final ranking score.  The top archer and one (1) alternate per equipment division and gender category with the highest ranking score will make up the team.

The Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for selection are as follows:

Compound Male: score of 573

Compound Female: score of 562

Recurve Male: score of 535

Recurve Female: score of 491

Tie Break Rule:
In the event of a tie, the following tie break procedures will be taken in the following priority.

  1. The athlete’s fourth highest score submitted will be added to the cumulative total ranking score.
  2. In the event that implementation of tie break procedure number one results in a tie, the athlete’s fifth highest score submitted will be added to the cumulative total ranking score.
  3. In the event that implementation of tie break procedure number one and two results in a tie, team selection will be made utilizing the Subjective Criteria.


In the case no athlete meets the MQS for team selection ranking in a specific division & category, the following subjective criteria will be utilized.

  1. A) Past Performance
  • Athlete performance is tracked to enable a performance review over the previous two (2) years of competition.
  1. B) Future Potential
  • Consideration may be given to an athlete’s future potential with respect to talent and commitment to training.
  • Depending on the event, athletes may be selected who, in the opinion of the selectors, have the potential to represent Manitoba in the Canada Winter Games and would benefit from exposure to this level of event.

The athletes meeting the above criteria, will be approved and notified by the ABAM Executive Committee no later than December 10, 2018.

It will be the archers’ sole responsibility to ensure correct scores have been submitted to the ABAM and posted to the Ranking, a list of archers with submitted qualifying scores will be posted on the ABAM as they are received


6)       APPEALS

  1. a) Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so by filing an appeal in writing only with the ABAM Canada Games Appeal Committee. Appeals must be submitted through email to the ABAM Executive Director.
  2. b) The ABAM Canada Games Appeals Committee will include the ABAM Executive Director and two (2) executive committee members. The fee for an appeal will be $50 and will be returned only if the appeal is upheld. The Canada Games Team Coach and the Canada Games Manager will be used in an advisory role, but will not have a vote in the final decision.

Grounds for appeals will be limited strictly to:

  1. Eligibility criteria & accuracy of submitted scores for team selection ranking
  2. c) After hearing an appeal, the Canada Games Appeals Committee will have the authority to:
  3. Direct the ABAM Executive Committee to redo the selection process using the correct criteria/process and submit new list of nominated athletes; or
  4. Deny the appeal

The deadline for athletes to submit appeals to the ABAM Canada Games Appeal Committee is two (2) days after final selection has been announced. Appeals should be emailed to: ABAM Executive Director at info@abam.ca