Team Manitoba Archers Compete at Archery World Cup

The Archers and Bowhunters Association of Manitoba is proud to have two Provincial Team Archers heading to the 2018 Salt Lake City 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup this week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Team Member Austin Taylor will be competing in the Junior Compound Male Division, while Team Member Bryanne Lameg will be competing in the Junior Compound Female Division. The organization would like to wish both athletes from Manitoba and the rest of Canada the best of luck in their performance. We will be watching with excitement and supporting them as they compete at this world class event.


(Shown above from left to right: Austin Taylor & Bryanne Lameg)

The tournament will begin with official practice on Monday June 18 and will end the evening of Sunday June 24 with medal matches. World Archery will be providing coverage of the event with live scoring on IANSEO, photography and video. We will be sharing all of the content throughout the week on our Facebook Page: (please note, this page is accessible to the public without a personal Facebook Account)

Please note: Salt Lake City is 1 hour behind Central Standard Time. The schedules posted at the links below reflect events times in Salt Lake City (Mountain Time)

For all of the coverage directly from World Archery & IANSEO, please use the following links:

Official Event Page

Official Results Page

Official Schedule



2018 – 2019 ABAM Provincial 3D Team Program

(Provincial 3D Team at 2017 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships)

2018 – 2019 ABAM Provincial 3D Archery Team

The 2018 – 2019 ABAM Provincial 3D Team Documents are now available below:

3D Team Documents:


What Does Team Membership Include

Team members must meet the team eligibility requirements listed below under “how to make the Provincial Team” before they can participate in any team events, training or receive travel funding.

  1. Participation in Team Training Events as scheduled by the Team Manager(s).
  1. Travel Funding to select tournaments. Our priority events being Canadian Championships.
  1. One uniform free of cost for first year team members, additional uniforms are $40 each.


How to make the Provincial Team

Archers must meet the minimum qualifying scores (MQS) within the qualifying period

  • MQS is the score listed in the team document per category that must be met or exceeded over an average of two (2) Scores. Please note the scores submitted are an average of the archer’s best two (2) scores. All other scores will not be taken into consideration when calculating the average.
  • All scores submitted must be from a Sanctioned Event.
  • Examples of shoots meeting this criteria are ABAM Sanctioned Tournaments as listed on the Events Calendar, out of province Sanctioned events (determined upon review by the Athlete Development Committee), Provincial Championships, Western Canadian Championships, Canadian Championships, or World Archery & IBO Events.
  • The Scores must be within the qualifying period, July 17, 2017 – July 13, 2018.
  • Tracking & Submission of scores – All archers are responsible for submitting their two best scores with an average equal to or above the MQS for their category as part of the team registration document. The Document will ask for shoot dates, locations and scores. Please note this data will be verified by ABAM.



Other Requirements

  • All Archers that have met the eligibility criteria before the qualifying period deadline are welcome to submit the team registration form (stating that they met criteria), a signed copy of the Athlete Agreement and paid the annual team fees in the amount of $150.
  • If you are an archer that has not yet made the team, but expect to meet criteria and/or attend Canadian Championships it is encouraged that you communicate your intent to the ABAM Office or the Team Manger(s).


Additional Information

  • Difference between Development & Elite Squad – both squads will be considered team members with the exact same access to training resources and events in Manitoba. Team Squad travel funding may vary depending on the event and team budget.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Provincial 3D Team Program or document please contact the office at or 204 925 5697




Manitoba at the 2018 Canada Cup

(Shown above from left to right: Front row – Bryanne Lameg & Nattasha Shpak/ Back row – Brady Klassen, Austin Taylor, Keenan Brown, Simon Potrebka, Robbie Comberbach, Kyle Cherniak & Ryan Cherniak)

This past weekend, a group of over 20 Manitoba archers & parents headed to the 2018 Canada Cup hosted by the Timberland Bowbenders Archery Club in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

We are very proud of the 11 Manitoba archers that competed in five of the eight categories. Congratulations to all of the Team Manitoba archers that hit the podium, including Nattasha Shpak (2nd Place – Master/Cadet Female Compound), Brady Klassen (2nd Place – Master/Cadet Male Compound), Robbie Comberbach (3rd Place – Master/Cadet Male Compound), Simon Potrebka (2nd Place – Junior/Senior Male Compound), and Austin Taylor (3rd Place – Junior/Senior Male Compound)

A special thank you to our Team Manager Darlene Cherniak and all the parents that lent a hand supporting our Manitoba athletes!

Congratulations to the organizers and all of the competitors on a successful event! Official results are not yet posted as of May 22, 2018. Stay tuned as the official results will be posted in the coming days at:

To see unofficial match play charts and check out some great photos by Gil Segovia of the 2018 Canada Cup, please visit:


(Shown in photo, Team Manitoba Archers Kyle Cherniak & Nattasha Shpak – Photo Credit: Gil Segovia)


(Shown in photo, Team Manitoba Archers Simon Potrebka [far left] & Austin Taylor [far right] – Photo Credit: Gil Segovia)


(Shown in photo, Team Manitoba Archers Brady Klassen [far left] & Robbie Comberbach [far right] – Photo Credit: Gil Segovia)


(Shown in photo, Team Manitoba Archers Nattasha Shpak [far left] – Photo Credit: Gil Segovia)


2018 ABAM 3D Triple Crown Series

2018 ABAM Triple Crown 3D Tournament Series


The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba (ABAM) in partnership with the Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters (East Selkirk, MB), 17 Wing Archery Club (Winnipeg, MB) and Yellowhead Bowhunters (Neepawa, MB) will be hosting a three stage 3D archery tournament series in June & July of 2018.

The ABAM is the Manitoba provincial body for competitive target and 3D archery. Our organization has over 4000 annual program participants and approximately 800 members, the majority of which are recreational and competitive 3D Archers.

This is the 2nd year for the ABAM Triple Crown Series. Our goal is to continue to grow a premier 3D tournament series for competitive archers and bowhunters in Manitoba, while attracting participants from out of province.


All three partner clubs listed will host an Archery Canada Sanctioned Tournament. Provincially certified tournament officials will ensure proper equipment and field play rules are enforced.

Participants will compete within their Archery Canada Sanctioned Category for placement that earn points toward ranking in their ABAM Triple Crown Category. The Triple Crown Tournament Series rules have combined 30 Archery Canada Sanctioned Categories into seven (7) gender specific categories for youth and adults.

Archers can accumulate Triple Crown points in only one category. Archers must participate in a minimum of two (2) Triple Crown stages, including the Triple Crown Championship event (final stage) to be eligible. The top three (3) archers ranked in each Triple Crown Category will win ABAM Championship Medals and have their names added to the Triple Crown Trophy for presentation at our annual awards banquet. In addition, top ranked archers from each category will win grand prizes.


That place 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in overall points after the completion of the Triple Crown Series will be awarded prizes. The top three winners per category, per event will be awarded a certificate. The top three overall winners per category will have their name added to the Triple Crown Trophy of their respective category for presentation at the annual awards banquet in December 2018.  Additionally, the top three overall winners per category will receive ABAM Manitoba Championship Medals upon the conclusion of the Triple Crown Championship event. The 1st place overall winner in each category will receive the cash prize amount listed below.

Category                                                     1st Place Overall

Youth Category (CO-ED)                             $75

Known Distance (CO-ED)                           $75                             (new category – details at the bottom of page)

Male White Stake                                           $200

Female White Stake                                       $200

Male Green Stake                                           $200

Female Green Stake                                       $200

Male Red Stake                                               $200

Female Red Stake                                           $200

Please note: As our organization and partner clubs pursue sponsorship for the event, the cash prizes may increase before the conclusion of the series. 



Stage 1: Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters – Saturday June 2, 2018
Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters have a beautiful 3D course situated in a densely forested area in East Selkirk, MB. The club has a long standing reputation for hosting quality provincial and national events. The club has recently played host Manitoba Provincial Target Championships in 2015 & 2016, as well as being the host venue for the 2015 Canadian Field Archery Championships.

Event Times:

Registration – 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Shotgun Start Scoring Round 1 – 11:00 AM
Approximate Start Scoring Round 2 – 2:00 PM

Alternate Course open to drop in non-competitive archers from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Event Fees:

It is recommended that minimum athlete registration fees for a sanctioned event are:

$35.00 for Senior, and Master age class

$25.00 for Junior, and Cadet Age class

$20.00 for Cub and Pre-cub age class

$10.00 for Peewee age class

A $5.00 discount of event fees, at any ABAM sanctioned event, must be offered to all participants who are current members of the ABAM in good standing.

Stage 1 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to:


Stage 2: 17 Wing Archery Club – Sunday June 24. 2018
The 17 Wing Archery Club, situated at Canadian Forces Base 17 Wing in Winnipeg, MB, is one of Manitoba’s fastest growing archery clubs. The 17 Wing Archery Club was established in 2008 and in recent years has played host to a number of Archery Canada Sanctioned 3D and Target Tournaments. The location of the club offers a densely forested and challenging course within the city.

Stage 2 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to:

Stage 3 Triple Crown Championship: Yellowhead Bowhunters – Saturday July 7, 2018
The Yellowhead Bowhunters, a club with its base of membership living in the Neepawa Area, has a large outdoor range approximately one mile north east of town, along the banks of the Whitemud River. Yellowhead is a long established club with a fast growing membership made up of recreational and competitive shooters. This event and location will be fitting for the final stage, as the event will be combined with the Manitoba Provincial Championships and include camping and social events.

Stage 3 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to:


Three Triple Crown Events will be hosted annually. There will be three stages, the third and final stage will be the series championships.

Archers must participate in a minimum of 2 Triple Crown events, including the Triple Crown Championship event to be eligible.

Archers can accumulate Triple Crown points in only one category Example: An archer shoots CUM at one shoot, and CFP at another, their points are only accumulated for the class they competed in.

Archers must be an ABAM or Archery Canada member in good standing in order to accumulate Triple Crown points, points will be accumulated in order of placing amongst registered ABAM members at the time of the event.

Events must follow Archery Canada Sanctioned event guidelines.


Point System:

Placement with in the Triple Crown Category per Triple Crown Stage will be based off the each archers score in their given Archery Canada Sanctioned Category.

The top 5 archers at each event in each Triple Crown Category accumulate points based on their placing.

Triple Crown Stage 1 & 2 point allocation:

1st 10 points
2nd 8 Points
3rd 6 points
4th 4 points
5th 2 points

Triple Crown Championship – Final Stage point allocation:

1st 20 points
2nd 16 points
3rd 12 points
4th 8 points
5th 4 points


Triple Crown Categories: All categories include both genders


New: Know Distance Category Details

  • Know 50 Class was approved as a developmental class, below is a summary of the rules that will be added to the AC rules book.
  • Archers will shoot from the Orange stake (50 yard maximum).
  • Archers may use any type of bow or equipment so long as it is recognized by another approved Archery Canada 3D Division.
  • Class is open to archers of all ages, Cadet and older.
  • Marked distances will NOT be supplied to archers in paper form. Rangefinders shall be used by archers to determine the distances.
  • As with unknown distance archer(s)/group, there will be no discussion of yardage by a Known Distance archer(s)/group at the shooting stake, or at any time until after the arrows have been recorded/scored at the target. There will be no discussion of yardage with archer(s) that have yet to shoot the target from either Known or Unknown divisions.
  • Archers competing in a Known Distance category may NOT shoot in a group with archers from an Unknown Distance category at National Championships.
  • At National Championships the Known Distance 50 Class will follow on the same course if room permits Unknown Max 50 yard distance categories. If there is not enough room on the same course then Known Distance archers will shoot on a course the Unknown 50 yard distance categories have previously shot (excluding the first course of the tournament)

2019 Canada Winter Games Head Coach Named

(Duncan Crawford shown far right with the Canadian Junior Compound Mens Team)


The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba is proud to announce Duncan Crawford of Covehead, Prince Edward Island as Manitoba’s Head Coach to the 2019 Canada Winter Games taking place in Red Deer, Alberta in February 2019. Duncan has been selected following very positive references from Archery Canada stakeholders and Manitoba Athletes that worked together at the recent Youth World Archery Championships in late 2017, where he served as a National Team Coach. Duncan comes into the position with a strong background in coaching competitive athletes and developing coaches at Canada Games Level. As an out of province coach, Duncan will be travelling to Manitoba through out 2018/2019 to work with the Team Manitoba Athlete Pool, as well as mentor local coaches working toward the Canada Winter Games level.

We asked Duncan to provide some background on his involvement in the sport and his goals for working with our organization.

“I started archery in 1990 in Nova Scotia. I Competed in the ’93 (Recurve) and ’97 (Compound) Canada Games. I took my first NCCP Coaching course in 1995, since then, I’ve taken dozen’s of coaching courses and professional development seminars. To this day I am an active Coach, Coach Developer, and avid student of Coaching. I completed my Competition Development Certification (Archery), Learning Facilitator (Archery) and Advanced Coaching Diploma (Canadian Sport Centre – multisport) in 2017. I participated in the Hoyt and Easton University in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014. In 2015 I lead the PEI Team to the Canada Winter Games. Since then I have attended the Coach Development Session at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, and Coached Team Canada (Compound) at the 2017 World Archery Youth Championships in Rosario, Argentina. I’m still an active competitive archer, and I shoot both recurve and compound. I absolutely love our sport!

I’m also an active Bowhunter, Bowhunter Education Instructor, and Professional guide; and I bowhunt in Canada and around the World. I own and operate an Archery Pro Shop, Taxidermy Studio, Guiding Service and Maritime Mosquito Control in Covehead, PEI; where I reside with my wife Karla, and our two kids Keegan (10) and Avery (7) , all competitive archers as well.

I’m very excited for this opportunity with Team Manitoba. I recognize the depth of excellence with Manitoba’s archery program and look forward to working with some great athletes and hopefully help with Coaching Leadership and Technical Development. This opportunity seems like the perfect fit, as my involvement creates an opportunity for other Coaches in PEI, while helping fill a crucial role in the short term in Manitoba while hopefully furthering  Manitoba Coach Development and Certification during this time. I hope to learn as well as lead, and I am excited to work within a system that has a proven track record of success.

Go ‘Toba!”


Manitoba Barebow Archer Sets National Records

Congratulations to local Manitoba Barebow shooter Amy Platt on setting two new Canadian Open Records in her age category. The soon to be 12 year old Platt and her Bow named ‘Lavender’ recently set a new Canadian record in both indoor and outdoor Female Pre-Cub Barebow Divisions.  The indoor record was made with a score of 433 on April 26 at the Interlake Archers Indoor 18M event in Winnipeg, the online record is posted here: The second record, which is currently pending approval from Archery Canada was made shortly after the transition to the outdoor season on May 12, with a score of 454 at the Interlake Archers Range in Argyle, Manitoba. We contacted Amy upon the news that she had set two new national records in less than a month, to find out more about the young archer, her father James replied with the following.

Amy enjoys all types of archery, including indoor and outdoor target and 3D; as long as it is ‘Barebow’. Amy started taking lessons almost five years ago at Heights Archery Academy because it looked like a fun thing to try. Amy was encouraged to take up competitive archery in 2016 by the late coach Glen Lewer. Since her introduction to competition, Amy shoots 2 -3 times per week with her father, constantly working to improve upon her personal best. In the past two years, while competing in this category, Amy has won gold in the Canadian Indoor Regional Championships (2017 & 2018), as well as placed first in the 2018 Archery Canada Indoor Mail Match. Looking forward, Amy has hinted that she may consider shooting Olympic Recurve when she becomes a Cub next year, but she plans on shooting Barebow for at least the remainder of her Pre-Cub year (2018). Amy is looking forward to the outdoor target and 3D tournaments this summer and hopes to see more kids her age at competitions regardless of their shooting style or ability.

The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba would like to congratulate Amy again on this wonderful achievement, we look forward to her continued growth as a competitive archer and hope this is the first of many notable achievements!





ABAM Executive Committee: Treasurer Position

The ABAM is seeking interested members to apply for the Executive Committee Position of Treasurer.  The vacant position is currently in its first year of a two year term, expiring upon the 2019 AGM, to be held in December 2019. The position description is as follows:

The Treasurer shall:
• Ensure that full and accurate account of all ABAM receipts and disbursements are kept in proper books of account, and that all monies or other valuables received are deposited in the
name of and to the credit of ABAM in a bank designated by the Executive Committee.
• Disburse ABAM funds under the direction of the Board of Directors, and shall give the Board an account of its transactions and financial position at regular meetings and at other times as                 directed by the President.

• Assist the Executive Director and Executive Committee in the preparation of Association budgets.

Tasks by month

  • June: Sign the approved audit before July 20th, date it is due to Sport MB
  • June/July:  Budget planning meeting with Executive and ED for the annual Sport MB funding applications due August.

Tasks with no set deadline

  • Sign cheques as needed
  • Other tasks as needed


We ask that all interested members fill out the Nomination Form available below and submit to by Tuesday May 22, 2018.

To download the Nomination Form, please  CLICK HERE


Repost: 28 crowned at 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships

Repost from Archery Canada:

OTTAWA (Archery Canada) – No less than 28 national titlists were crowned last weekend at the 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Archery Championships hosted by the Elk Ridge Archery Club in Sundre, Alberta (April 29-30).

Archery Canada Website:

Complete Results: 2018 Canadian Indoor 3D Championships

Championship Website: Sundre 2018

It marked the 14th edition of the annual event, which was added to the Archery Canada schedule in 2005.

“The event offered three unique courses that each had their own unique feel and challenges that really tested all the archer’s skills,” said Aaron Bull, Vice President 3D Programs at Archery Canada. “The competition was hard fought in many of the categories with the nation’s top athletes in attendance fighting for a spot on the podium.”

“In hosting the Canadian Indoor 3D Archery Championships this past weekend, our community got the chance to be part of shared optimism, excitement and spirit, and to celebrate the remarkable talent of elite national archery competition,” added Sundre Mayor Terry Leslie. “The Elk Ridge Archery Club, our local volunteers, businesses, town staff and spectators came together with the purpose of helping to give every competitor the chance to create great memories and build relationships. We all got to touch the future as we watched the younger competitors begin to dream their goals for the next generation. This was a once in a lifetime experience for all involved, and we are a grateful community for having the opportunity to be part of it.”

Of the 28 archers who reached the top of the podium in Sundre, nine successfully defended their national titles from 2017, including Roseanne Quintal(Master 50 Traditional – women), Caroline Laue (Instinctive – women), Angela Hay (Hunter – women), Al Campsall (Master 60 Compound – men), Ron Sullivan (Para Compound – men), Joel Schmid (Cub Compound – men), Gary Bosch (Barebow – men), Monty Vander Westhuizen (Longbow – men) and Fred Streleoff(Instinctive – men).

In addition, Heather Leduc claimed barebow gold in women’s competition after triumphing in longbow a year ago, while on the men’s side, Zak Filgas added the junior compound title to his win in the cadet age group in 2017.

Below is a complete list of 2018 indoor 3D national champions.

2018 national champions (women)

Master 50 Traditional: Roseanne Quintal – Alberta Target Archers Association (465 points)

Master 60 Compound: Valery Gaspard – British Columbia (726)

Master 50 Compound: Pat Wuin – Club TBD (728)

Compound Unlimited: Kira Mercereau – Calgary Archers Club (811)

Compound Fixed Pin: Lacey Moore – Langenburg Archery Club (638)

Junior Compound: Jess Watson – Ontario Association of Archers (740)

Cadet Compound: Stephanie Drewes – Yellowhead Arrow Launchers (773)

Cub Compound: Brooklyn Berge – Alberta Target Archers Association (720)

Pre-Cub Compound: Arianna Anderson – Central Alberta Archers Association (449)

Barebow: Heather Leduc – Thunder Creek Archery Club (581)

Longbow: Hailey Johnstone – CJ Archery (322)

Instinctive: Caroline Laue – Alberta Target Archers Association (518)

Hunter: Angela Hay – Burnaby Archers (728)

2018 national champions (men)

Master 50 Traditional: Ron Quintal – Alberta Target Archers Association (620 points)

Master 60 Compound: Al Campsall – Cariboo Archers Association (813)

Master 50 Compound: Rick Martin – Alberta Target Archers Association (822)

Compound Unlimited: Nolan Johnson – Broken Arrow Archery Club (851)

Compound Fixed Pin: Kris Skelly – Brazeau Bowbenders Archery Club (833)

Para Compound: Ron Sullivan – Elk Ridge Archery Club (766)

Junior Compound: Zak Filgas – Jimbows Junior Archery Club (799)

Cadet Compound: Adam Berge – Alberta Target Archers Association (807)

Cub Compound: Joel Schmid – Alberta Target Archers Association (813)

Pre-Cub Compound: Ryan Simons – Frontier Bowmen (618)

Barebow: Gary Bosch – Lloydminster & Area Archers (653)

Longbow: Monty Vander Westhuizen – Medicine Hat SAAMIS Archers (532)

Instinctive: Fred Streleoff – Cariboo Archers Association (645)

Hunter: Frank Aubin – Cowichan Bowmen (722)

2018 national champions (women & men combined)

Pee Wee: Chase Belcher – Central Alberta Archers Association (579)



ABAM Executive Committee Changes

ABAM President Walter Potrebka Resigns

Effective today, our President Walter Potrebka resigned his position with the organization. On behalf of the Executive Committee and staff, we would like to thank Walter for his three plus years as President of the ABAM, five plus years as a member of the Executive Committee and tireless work as a volunteer club organizer for many years prior. Working with Walter has been an absolute pleasure, his leadership and guidance has meant a great deal to the staff and committees he’s served. During Walter’s tenure as President, the organization has had much success, including the hosting of the 2015 National Championships, increased program participation, new partnerships and improved athlete development. We will miss Walter and his true passion for the sport of Archery, but are happy to hear that he plans to stay close with the community.

Walter has drafted a letter to membership that we would like to share:

Hello everyone,

This message is to inform you that I have resigned my position as President of the Archers and Bowhunters Association of Manitoba effective April 25, 2018.

I have enjoyed the last past 5+ years I have spent on the Board, and am proud of all that we have accomplished in that time, ranging from successfully hosting the National Championships, leading the Association though changing financial times, and seeing the success of our athletes on a provincial, national, and international level.

I think what I am most proud of is being part of the development of our Provincial Archery Team Program and the great success our athletes have achieved.  We have developed a program that has produced countless national champions, and Manitoba is always very well represented on our National Teams that represent Canada on the International stage. 

While I may not have been able to achieve everything that I had hoped to during my tenure, I have great confidence in the remaining members of the board, that they will continue to guide ABAM forward to even greater success.  Through difficult times and tough decisions, the board members have shown nothing but outstanding leadership, and have always made decisions based on what is best for our athletes, and the sport of Archery in Manitoba.

One last thing that I wanted to say is Thank you…

Thank you to all the members of the Board who tirelessly work toward supporting our sport and athletes.

Thank you to all the athletes that work so hard to prepare and represent themselves and our province in the sport of Archery.

Thank you to all of the Clubs that are the grass roots of our sport, and continue to introduce and support the sport of archery to their members.

Thank you to all the coaches and judges who give up their time to ensure our athletes and events are the best they can be.

Thank you to all the parents of our athletes that come out and support their sons and daughters, and who pitch in to help at events.

Thank you to Sport Manitoba for all of the support you give to amateur sport in this province.

Thank you to Archery Canada for the guidance and support to promote our sport on a national level.

And one final Thank You to Ryan.  Ryan, I would hate to think of where we would be without your tireless work and dedication to our sport.  You are truly one of the biggest reasons we have been able to achieve all that we have.


Walter Potrebka”


New President & Vice President Bowhunting Appointed

We are happy to announce the appointment of Vickie Oneschuk as interim ABAM President, by the members of the Executive  Committee.  Vickie has served the ABAM Executive Committee in the role of Treasurer for the past 3 years, during which time she has also served as the Provincial Target Team Manger, sat on the Athlete Development Committee and worked to help organize countless events. Vickie’s appointment to the role of Interim President comes with the full support of the Executive Committee and staff.

In addition to the appointment of Interim President, the Executive Committee appointed Mike Fox to the vacant Vice President Bowhunting Position. Mike is the acting President of the Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters Club of East Selkirk and has been shooting most of his life. On top of his work with the Selkirk Club, Mike recently served as the East Region Coach to the 2018 Manitoba Winter Games in Thompson. We are excited to have Mike join the Executive Committee, as he has been working hard in the community to make his club one of the fastest growing in the Province.

Congratulations to both Vickie Oneschuk and Mike Fox!


2018/2019 Provincial Target Team Program

ABAM Provincial Target Team

The ABAM Provincial Team Program offers numerous resources for developing and elite competitive archers including, team coaching and team training sessions, access to strength training, mental coaching, and travel support to compete at National & International Events.

The 2018 – 2019 ABAM Provincial Team Documents are now available below:

Target Team Documents: