Archery Canada Adopts 50m Barebow Target event in 2019

At the recent “World Archery” Congress held in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands on June 1-2, the decision was made concerning Barebow to become a new event in target archery. Barebow competitions will be shot at 50 meters on 122 cm target faces. The set system will be used for barebow match play.

The “World Archery” rule will officially come into effect in 2020, however Archery Canada has taken the decision to introduce this as a new event at the 2019 Canadian Outdoor Target Championships in Prince Albert, SK. We hope to see this new event grow in our Canadian system!

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Team Manitoba Archers selected to compete at World Archery Youth Championships

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archers Austin Taylor (Junior Compound Men), Bryanne Lameg (Junior Compound Women), Chyler Sanders (Cadet Compound Women), Brady Klassen , Robbie Comberbach Kyle Cherniak (Cadet Compound Men), on their selection by Archery to represent Canada at the World Archery Youth Championships in Madrid, Spain this summer from August 19th to 25th.

The team will be led by Team Manager and Women’s Coach Dawn Groszko (AB) along with Mens Coach and former Team Manitoba Canada Winter Games Coach Duncan Crawford (PE).

For full event details, please visit: 







Austin Taylor competes at 2019 World Archery Championships

Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor will be representing Canada at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch 2019 Hyundai World Archery Championships starting today in the Netherlands. The organization sends its best wishes to Austin and his fellow team mates as they begin qualification today at 3:30 PM (8:30 AM CST). Assuming Austin and his Canadian Male Team Mates make the cut during ranking, they will compete in the individual compound elimination, Mens Compound Team and  Compound Mixed Team Rounds. The event schedule, live updated match scoring and results can be found on the World Archery Website at: 

To keep up to date on all the action, please check out the ABAM Facebook (no Facebook account necessary to view) at



ABAM Provincial 3-D team Youth Development Camp

The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba is excited to announce the first Provincial 3-D team Youth Development Camp. The camp is open to all youth 3D shooters interested in developing their skill to meet the Provincial Team Criteria. The camp will be led by experienced Manitoba Shooters with a depth of national and international competition experience.

Camp Details:
Where: Jo Brook Outdoors

When: June 15 from 10-3

Who: Youth 3-D Archers ages 10-20 who want to develop their 3-D Archery Skills

How: Sign up for the Provincial team at the link below(local team membership is $50/year) and email to reserve your spot.

We have room for 8 participants. Space will be held on a first come/first served basis.


2019 Provincial 3D Team Program

Communicate your intent to meet the team criteria and receive team event communications by filling out a brief online form at:


2019 ABAM Provincial 3D Team Program

The intent of the ABAM Provincial Team Program is:

  • To strive for excellence, provide our athletes the means and avenues to achieve our goals.
  • To prepare Manitoba Archers to compete in Provincial, National, and International events.
  • To Identify/Select a pool of archers to field teams for Canadian Championships & International Competitions.
  • To provide sufficient funding/development programs for archers dedicated to the Provincial Team programs.
  • To promote the sport of archery.
  • To be a positive ambassador for Sport Manitoba and the ABAM.

Provincial 3-D Team General Criteria

  • The Provincial Team Program is open to all ABAM Members in good standing and who are permanent residents of Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Archers attending a post-secondary institution outside Manitoba are eligible to apply for the Provincial Team.
  • Team members must sign an ABAM Athlete Contract, and submit team registration form. Team registration is open beginning Sept 1, 2018, and ending July 2, 2019.
  • Team members will demonstrate commitment to the team by attending team meetings, practice sessions, and fundraising events when called to do so.
  • Team members must participate in a minimum of 4 volunteer hours/year. This can include assisting in tournament organization, fundraising activities, working the ABAM booth at events, or other events as determined by the Team Manager/VP Athlete Development.
  • Applications must define the archers’ shooting category based on the Archery Canada categories for the entire season.
  • Athletes must be a Provincial Team member to receive support and services provided by the Provincial Team Program.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany Team members under 18 years of age to go to out of Province events (Guardian/Parent is self-funded) (exceptions Canada Games, Western Canada Summer Games etc.).
  • Athletes not abiding by ABAM conduct standards as stated in the Provincial Team Athletes Contract may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Participation in Provincial Indoor & Outdoor 3-D Championships is mandatory for all team members. If an athlete is unable to attend a provincial championship, they must submit in writing a reasonable cause for non-attendance to the office for review by the Team Leader at least two weeks in advance of the event. In the event of non-attendance based on extenuating circumstances, the athlete is responsible to submit in writing a reasonable cause for non-attendance within two weeks of the events completion. Failure to comply may result loss of travel support funding.
  • Values of Funding are based on anticipated expenses for attending the annual Canadian National Archery Championships. This funding is based on estimated costs for team members travelling with the team based on 3 team members per vehicle, and 2 team members per hotel room. Team Members are required to own a current ABAM Provincial Team shirt. Individuals that are accepted to the team for the first time may be eligible to receive one shirt from the ABAM free of charge.
  • Team uniforms must be worn at provincial, national, and state championships during opening, closing and medal ceremonies. Team uniforms must also be worn for the duration of competition on the first day of competition for all funded events. Failure to comply will result in loss of funding for that event.
  • Team members must submit a signed copy of the Athlete Agreement, Team Registration Form, Team Registration fee at the time of their registration.
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements may be made by the ABAM for qualified Provincial Team Members attending funded events, who are traveling and staying with the team. All other travel arrangements/costs are the responsibility of the individual Team Member.
  • Team Members must submit their scores to the Team leader, be filled out completely showing the category, division, date, and location of the event.
  • Funding amounts will be recommended by the 3D Committee and determined per event by the executive committee. Funding levels will be made available to team members following end of the event qualification period.



2018-2019 ABAM 3-D Team Levels


Local Team

The goal of the ABAM 3-D Local Team is to support, and encourage new team members to participate in local 3-D events, while working to grow their skills and progress in the sport.


The focus will be on encouraging participation in local events, and the ABAM Provincial championships.

Team resources include Event Flighting with likeminded archers, the chance to shoot with and learn from experienced team members, and discounted rates at all ABAM sanctioned events.


Local Team Selection Criteria:

Achieve 3 scores that exceed the MQS at any ABAM Club or the Provincial Outdoor 3-D Championship.

Attend 5 ABAM Club level events within the qualification period.


Team Registration Fee-$50


Regional Team

The goal of the ABAM 3-D Regional Team is to support, and develop team members who wish to grow their involvement in 3-D beyond local events.


The focus will be on encouraging competition in Club Level events, ABAM Provincial championships, and select regionally important events in SK, AB, and ND.


Team resources include event flighting with likeminded archers, the chance to shoot with and learn from other team members, and discounted rates at all ABAM sanctioned events. Opportunity to participate in team fundraising activities, and access funds raised to attend select funded events.

Regional Team members will receive funded registration at the Indoor and Outdoor 3-D Provincial Championship events.


Regional Team Selection Criteria:

Achieve Regional Team criteria at 3 ABAM Sanctioned events during the qualification period, and participate in the Provincial Indoor and Outdoor 3-D Championships.


Team registration fee-$150


Elite Team

The goal of the ABAM 3-D Elite Team is help develop and enable team members to compete at Canadian National Championships, and select international events.


The focus will be on encouraging elite competition, in Manitoba and beyond, up to and including 3-D National/International major events.


Team resources include event flighting with team members, the chance to shoot with and learn from other archers, and discounted rates at all ABAM sanctioned events. Opportunity to participate in team fundraising activities, and access funds raised to attend select funded events. Elite Team members can also submit a request to access to Sport Manitoba Sport Psychologists, Nutritionists, and Strength Training. Team members are eligibility to apply for funding to compete in select National/International 3-D Major events.

Elite Team members will receive funded registration at the ABAM Indoor and Outdoor 3-D Championships.

Elite Team Selection Criteria:

Achieve Elite Team criteria at 3 ABAM sanctioned events during the qualification period, and participate in Indoor and Outdoor 3- Provincial Championships.

 Team registration fee is $150



 Calculation of Qualifying Scores

The qualifying period is July 1/2018 to July 27/2019.

Scores must be submitted to the Team leader, and include date, location of the event.

To be eligible for a grant, Provincial Team Members are required to compete in the category & class in which they qualified.

Final Qualifying Scores for all Categories will be based on complete event score (40 Targets for smaller events, 80 targets at Nationals)

Categories not specified in the Qualification Schedule will not be funded.




Additional Funding Criteria

World Archery 3-D Championship

Athletes qualifying as a member of the Canadian National 3D Team for the World Archery 3-D championships will be eligible to apply to receive a $1000.00 grant for attendance at the World Archery 3D championship.

All Provincial Team Grants are dependent upon funding, shall be reviewed annually and may be subject to change throughout the year.

For more information or to communicate intent to meet criteria, please contact Provincial Team Leader Ed Wilson by email at EDWIL1440@HOTMAIL.COM


ABAM 3D Archery Team Fundraising Raffle

Help Support the ABAM 3D Provincial Team Program

The ABAM 3D Provincial Team Program has been reshaped in 2019 to a multi-tier program to help support all levels of competitive shooters interested in joining Team Manitoba. Team Leader Ed Wilson and the 3D Committee have worked hard to redevelop the program to ensure Manitoba produces nationally competitive shooters across all categories. The new team program includes travel to events outside of Manitoba with financial support from Sport Manitoba and the ABAM. In order to ensure the program can assist a growing team, volunteers have initiated a fundraising campaign in the form of a raffle. The raffle prizes to be won include three VISA Gift Cards in the amounts of $2500, $1000, and $500.


With only 10 days until the draw, we need your support to make this initiative count! ABAM 3D Committee Members Russ Danielson and Reed Fowlie will be at the Minnedosa shoot this weekend for anyone looking purchase. In addition to this weekends shoot, tickets can be purchased at Jo Brook Outdoors in Brandon, Heights Archery in Winnipeg, or by contacting the members listed below selling tickets. If none of the above options work, please contact the office at or 204 925 5697. We will be accepting cash, cheque (made out to ABAM) or interact e-transfer.

Ed/Camille Wilson – Winnipeg, MB

Russ Danielson – Brandon, MB

Tim Gompf – Oak Lake, MB

Tyler/Allan Wilson – Brandon & Birtle, MB

Reed Fowlie – Hamiota, MB

Derek Robbins – Brandon, MB

Chay Stadnyk – Birtle, MB

Aaron Bull – Brandon, MB




Register Today: MYGOLD Compound Program


The ABAM is proud to announce the launch of our Compound specific MYGOLD Program (Manitoba Youth Games & Olympic Long-term Development), geared toward compound athletes of the intermediate to advance levels. The program provides the tools and coaching to take archers from the advanced lessons and club competition stage to the level necessary to meet criteria for Manitoba Games, Canada Games and our Provincial Team Program.

The coaches leading the program are Brady Klassen and Kelly Taylor, both experienced archers trained at the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) level of “Competition Development”. Additionally, both coaches have recently trained under National Youth Team Coach Duncan Crawford at the ABAM Canada Winter Games Training Camp. In addition to coach training and experience under the eye of Canada’s top level coaches, both Kelly and Brady have traveled out of Province to train under U.S. Professional Coach George “griv” Ryals IV.

Kelly, father to a local Team Manitoba and Team Canada archer,  has competed at events around North America, in addition to having led athletes to the Manitoba Games in 2018. Brady Klassen is a current Provincial Team Member, National Champion and represented Canada at the 2017 World Archery Youth Championships in Argentina. Together Kelly and Brady bring a wide range of experience in Archery from coaching at the club level to travelling to international events.




Overview: The program mandate is to provide a platform to continue to implement material and coaching from our initial pilot program, based on the Archery Canada – ABAM 2019 Canada Winter Games Training Camp facilitated by National Coaches Shawn Riggs and Duncan Crawford. The Spring/Summer 2019 Session will be delivered outdoors, weather pending.

Goal: The goal of this program is to provide coaching to developing youth compound archers via structured and professional programming.

Focus:  Ensure participants have the tools to compete in indoor and outdoor events at increasingly higher levels, with goal of multi-sport games participation (Manitoba Games, Canada Games, Provincial Team)



Program details:

  • Location: Interlake Archers Range in Argyle, MB (see map below)
  • Length: Two (2) Hours per session
  • Day of the week: Wednesdays
  • Average Class Size – 10 athletes – 2 coaches
  • Cost: $350 per block of 10 sessions
  • Dates/Times: May 29 to July 31 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Participation in the program includes an archery t-shirt



MAP to Interlake Archers Range



Join the 2019/2020 ABAM Provincial Target Team

Join the 2019/2020 ABAM Provincial Target Team

The Athlete Development Committee with guidance from our new Provincial Head Coach Avril Hatherell, is pleased to publish the 2019/2020 Manitoba Provincial Target Team Program Documents for the coming year. The program selection criteria has been modified in 2019 to ensure we are delivering a top quality, coach led provincial high performance program that is more closely aligned with Archery Canada’s national team selection policies.

In 2019/2020 the program selection criteria has been designed to be more inclusive of development level athletes. The program will offer a high quality local training environment to ensure athlete progression, as well as increase involvement across both equipment disciplines and genders.

The basis of team selection is a score criteria bench mark, which must be met within the stated qualifying period, this bench mark is refereed to in the document as “The Minimum Qualifying Scores” or “MQS” . The MQS, as outlined in the team selection document have been changed to reflect 3rd place average qualification score from the past five (5) national championships for Elite Squad qualification, and 85% of that score for Development Squad qualification.

As the program moves to build a larger base of athlete’s training and competing in Manitoba, the organization acknowledges the value in investing in athletes to compete out of province. The team selection document outlines how athletes in the program are eligible to attain travel funding based on meeting score criteria (objective) and by adhering to the program, as dictated by the coach (subjective – practice & strength training attendance, adherence to personal yearly training plan (YTP), behavior and future potential).

As membership in the program does not guarantee athlete travel support funds, the organization will publish event specific team funding documents (addendum to the selection document), which will outline more specific criteria as to how travel funds can be earned. The organization will ensure that event specific criteria documents are communicated to the athletes in a clear and timely fashion. It is a program priority that athletes have a clear understanding of the criteria and their standing on the team.

Athlete funding selections will be by recommendation from the head coach, who will submit a report outlining the selection and funding recommendations to a group of unbiased Athlete Development Committee members.

Selection by the coach will be based on a combination of objective and subjective criteria as outlined in the 2019/2020 Team Selection Criteria, as well as any additional event specific criteria as published. Our organization believes this process will ensure we are sending athletes that will most likely offer return on investment, whether the event goal be a development opportunity or to win medals.

The 2019 – 2020 ABAM Provincial Team Documents are now available below:

Target Team Documents:


Archery Canada is seeking a Canbow Redevelopment Project Leader


From Archery Canada Website

Archery Canada is seeking to contract a project manager who will form and lead a small working group of program experts to refresh, develop and relaunch the Canbow program to ensure its relevance in the development of young archers across Canada.

Project Overview

The Canbow program (the “Program”) was first published in 1994 for indoor and outdoor target archery. In 2001 it was updated to introduce a program for 3D archery, a growing discipline in Canada. The Program was developed to provide archers with the necessary skills to progress in the sport, and to be the entry pathway for young archers as they develop skills and techniques of shooting a bow. There has been a decline in the purchase of the Program resources in recent years and the program materials may be outdated. Some clubs have taken it upon themselves to alter the program in either its content or its rewards. In order for the program to fulfill its purpose it will need to be reviewed, refreshed and modernized for the youth of today. The review and redevelopment of the Program will ensure it is current, aligns to the long term athlete development model, and fulfills its purpose as an entry pathway for archers of all ages.