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3D Triple Crown Series Stage 1: Selkirk Archers Outdoor 3D

June 2, 2018


2018 ABAM Triple Crown 3D Tournament Series


The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba (ABAM) in partnership with the Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters (East Selkirk, MB), 17 Wing Archery Club (Winnipeg, MB) and Yellowhead Bowhunters (Neepawa, MB) will be hosting a three stage 3D archery tournament series in June & July of 2018.

The ABAM is the Manitoba provincial body for competitive target and 3D archery. Our organization has over 4000 annual program participants and approximately 800 members, the majority of which are recreational and competitive 3D Archers.

This is the 2nd year for the ABAM Triple Crown Series. Our goal is to continue to grow a premier 3D tournament series for competitive archers and bowhunters in Manitoba, while attracting participants from out of province.


All three partner clubs listed will host an Archery Canada Sanctioned Tournament. Provincially certified tournament officials will ensure proper equipment and field play rules are enforced.

Participants will compete within their Archery Canada Sanctioned Category for placement that earn points toward ranking in their ABAM Triple Crown Category. The Triple Crown Tournament Series rules have combined 30 Archery Canada Sanctioned Categories into seven (7) gender specific categories for youth and adults.

Archers can accumulate Triple Crown points in only one category. Archers must participate in a minimum of two (2) Triple Crown stages, including the Triple Crown Championship event (final stage) to be eligible. The top three (3) archers ranked in each Triple Crown Category will win ABAM Championship Medals and have their names added to the Triple Crown Trophy for presentation at our annual awards banquet. In addition, top ranked archers from each category will win grand prizes.


That place 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in overall points after the completion of the Triple Crown Series will be awarded prizes. The top three winners per category, per event will be awarded a certificate. The top three overall winners per category will have their name added to the Triple Crown Trophy of their respective category for presentation at the annual awards banquet in December 2018.  Additionally, the top three overall winners per category will receive ABAM Manitoba Championship Medals upon the conclusion of the Triple Crown Championship event. The 1st place overall winner in each category will receive the cash prize amount listed below.

Category                                                     1st Place Overall

Youth Category (CO-ED)                             $75

Known Distance (CO-ED)                           $75                             (new category – details at the bottom of page)

Male White Stake                                           $200

Female White Stake                                       $200

Male Green Stake                                           $200

Female Green Stake                                       $200

Male Red Stake                                               $200

Female Red Stake                                           $200

Please note: As our organization and partner clubs pursue sponsorship for the event, the cash prizes may increase before the conclusion of the series. 



Stage 1: Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters – Saturday June 2, 2018
Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters have a beautiful 3D course situated in a densely forested area in East Selkirk, MB. The club has a long standing reputation for hosting quality provincial and national events. The club has recently played host Manitoba Provincial Target Championships in 2015 & 2016, as well as being the host venue for the 2015 Canadian Field Archery Championships.

Event Times: 

Registration – 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Shotgun Start Scoring Round 1 – 11:00 AM
Approximate Start Scoring Round 2 – 2:00 PM

Alternate Course open to drop in non-competitive archers from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Event Fees:

It is recommended that minimum athlete registration fees for a sanctioned event are:

$35.00 for Senior, and Master age class

$25.00 for Junior, and Cadet Age class

$20.00 for Cub and Pre-cub age class

$10.00 for Peewee age class

A $5.00 discount of event fees, at any ABAM sanctioned event, must be offered to all participants who are current members of the ABAM in good standing.

Stage 1 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/Q7eInjZG8BRPn78F3

Stage 2: 17 Wing Archery Club – Sunday June 24. 2018
The 17 Wing Archery Club, situated at Canadian Forces Base 17 Wing in Winnipeg, MB, is one of Manitoba’s fastest growing archery clubs. The 17 Wing Archery Club was established in 2008 and in recent years has played host to a number of Archery Canada Sanctioned 3D and Target Tournaments. The location of the club offers a densely forested and challenging course within the city.

Stage 2 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/m34AA4WjNeZCX1Qk1

Stage 3 Triple Crown Championship: Yellowhead Bowhunters – Saturday July 7, 2018
The Yellowhead Bowhunters, a club with its base of membership living in the Neepawa Area, has a large outdoor range approximately one mile north east of town, along the banks of the Whitemud River. Yellowhead is a long established club with a fast growing membership made up of recreational and competitive shooters. This event and location will be fitting for the final stage, as the event will be combined with the Manitoba Provincial Championships and include camping and social events.

Stage 3 Online Registration Mandatory – To register, please go to:  https://goo.gl/forms/8h2vnVy4zlhNyByJ2


Three Triple Crown Events will be hosted annually. There will be three stages, the third and final stage will be the series championships.

Archers must participate in a minimum of 2 Triple Crown events, including the Triple Crown Championship event to be eligible.

Archers can accumulate Triple Crown points in only one category Example: An archer shoots CUM at one shoot, and CFP at another, their points are only accumulated for the class they competed in.

Archers must be an ABAM or Archery Canada member in good standing in order to accumulate Triple Crown points, points will be accumulated in order of placing amongst registered ABAM members at the time of the event.

Events must follow Archery Canada Sanctioned event guidelines.

Point System:

Placement with in the Triple Crown Category per Triple Crown Stage will be based off the each archers score in their given Archery Canada Sanctioned Category.

The top 5 archers at each event in each Triple Crown Category accumulate points based on their placing.

Triple Crown Stage 1 & 2 point allocation:

1st 10 points
2nd 8 Points
3rd 6 points
4th 4 points
5th 2 points

Triple Crown Championship – Final Stage point allocation:

1st 20 points
2nd 16 points
3rd 12 points
4th 8 points
5th 4 points


Triple Crown Categories: All categories include both genders


New: Know Distance Category Details

  • Know 50 Class was approved as a developmental class, below is a summary of the rules that will be added to the AC rules book.
  • Archers will shoot from the Orange stake (50 yard maximum).
  • Archers may use any type of bow or equipment so long as it is recognized by another approved Archery Canada 3D Division.
  • Class is open to archers of all ages, Cadet and older.
  • Marked distances will NOT be supplied to archers in paper form. Rangefinders shall be used by archers to determine the distances.
  • As with unknown distance archer(s)/group, there will be no discussion of yardage by a Known Distance archer(s)/group at the shooting stake, or at any time until after the arrows have been recorded/scored at the target. There will be no discussion of yardage with archer(s) that have yet to shoot the target from either Known or Unknown divisions.
  • Archers competing in a Known Distance category may NOT shoot in a group with archers from an Unknown Distance category at National Championships.
  • At National Championships the Known Distance 50 Class will follow on the same course if room permits Unknown Max 50 yard distance categories. If there is not enough room on the same course then Known Distance archers will shoot on a course the Unknown 50 yard distance categories have previously shot (excluding the first course of the tournament)


June 2, 2018


East Selkirk Range
Harold Avenue
East Selkirk , Manitoba Canada
+ Google Map


Selkirk Archers & Bowhunters