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The Manitoba Winter Games Archery Event is seeking female and male archers aged 16 & Under with intermediate to advance skills in recurve or compound archery. The Manitoba Winter Games is a fantastic athletic and character building experience for youth, as they will practice, travel and compete with their fellow team members to represent their home region in Manitoba. This exciting developmental event will take place in Thompson, MB and will include a 3 three day archery tournament starting March 4, 2018. Whether you are a bowhunter or  recreational archer with limited competition experience, we encourage you to participate in your regional preparation camps!

The preparation camps (“Prep Camps”) are hosted by regional coaches and managers with National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) training and is geared toward development of archery skills and introduction to competition. The Prep Camps will prepare archers for the regional qualifier hosted in December 2017.

One of best parts about the Manitoba Winter Games Archery Event is the low cost for the opportunity to participate! There is no cost associated to the participation in the Regional Prep Camps & Qualifier.



Regional Qualifiers Results

Competition Information

Draft Event Schedule

Key Regional Information

Sport Regions Map

East Region

Coach:  Mike Fox
Manger: Bernice Phillips

South Region

Coach:  Pierre de Moissac
Manger: Pamela May

 West Region

Coach: Chris Iverson
Manger: April Burdeny

Winnipeg Blue Region (West Winnipeg)

Coach: David Dunwoody
Manger: Carrie Minion

Winnipeg Gold Region (East Winnipeg) 

Coach: Kelly Taylor
Manger: Darlene Cherniak

Contacts: (Click to email)
Sport Chair:                                   Tom Crawford: lizlake7@yahoo.ca or tclizlake7@gmail.com
Technical Delegate:                     Mike Oneschuk
VP Events:                                     Aaron Bull
ABAM Executive Director          Ryan Van Berkel 

Important Links:
Technical Package (Version 5.0 – February 15, 2018)

Athlete Fill Policy

Sport Manitoba Official Games Website 

Information Overview:

The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba is proud to be a part of the 2018 Manitoba Games, to be hosted in Thompson, MB in Winter 2018.

The 2018 Manitoba Winter Games Powered by Manitoba Hydro will be held in Thompson from March 4-10, 2018. The Games are a competitive, developmental opportunity for selected sports to advance their Provincial Sport Organization’s long term athlete and coach development plans. The age or stage selected generally complies with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Train to Train stage of development.

Participation in the Manitoba Games begins with regional try outs. Regional teams of approximately 200 athletes, coaches, and managers go on to participate in the Provincial Finals.

The Manitoba Games Powered by Manitoba Hydro are often an athlete’s first multi-sport Games experience. The Games help to identify Manitoba athletes who have the potential to advance to higher levels of competition: Provincial Team, National Competitions, and the Canada and Western Canada Games. After competing in the Manitoba Games, many athletes move on to become part of Team Manitoba.

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12-Nov-17 MB Games – West Region Prep Camp 2 1:00 PM Neepawa Collegiate
12-Nov-17 MB Games – Winnipeg Blue Region Prep Camp 3 5:00 PM Heights Archery
18-Nov-17 MB Games – East Region Prep Camp 1 10:00 AM St. Laurent School – St. Laurent, MB
18-Nov-17 MB Games -West Prep Camp 3 1:00 PM Birtle Collegiate
18-Nov-17 Winnipeg Blue Prep Camp 4 5:00 PM Heights Archery
19-Nov-17 MB Games – East Region Prep Camp 3 1:00 PM St. George, MB
19-Nov-17 Heartland – Indoor 18M Shoot 5:00 PM Heartland
23-Nov-17 Intelake – Indoor 18M Shoot 6:30 PM Heights Archery
25-Nov-17 MB Games – East Region Prep Camp 1 10:00 AM Selkirk
26-Nov-17 MB Games – Winnipeg Gold Region Prep Camp 2 5:00 PM Heartland Archery
26-Nov-17 ABAM Awards / AGM & Fall Board Meeting 11:00 AM Sport for Life
26-Nov-17 MB Games – West Prep Camp 4 1:00 PM Neepawa
3-Dec-17 Heartland Vegas Shoot 5:00 PM Heartland
3-Dec-17 Winnipeg Blue Qualifier TBD Heights Archery
7-Dec-17 Intelake – Indoor 18M Shoot 6:30 PM Heights Archery
9-Dec-17 MB Games – East Qualifier 10:00 AM Happy Thought School – East Selkirk, MB
10-Dec-17 South Qualifier 1:00 PM D & G Archery
14-Dec-17 Intelake – Indoor 18M Shoot 6:30 PM Heights Archery
17-Dec-17 West Qualifier 10:00 AM TBD
17-Dec-17 Winnipeg Gold Qualifier 5:00 PM Heartland
10-Jan-18 Winnipeg Teams Info Night TBD Sport for Life