July 17, 2017

Dear ABAM Members,

As most of you are aware, we have had a large number of changes in our funding model, and are still awaiting final word on some aspects.  While changes like this are unnerving to a volunteer run organization like ABAM, they are not the biggest threat we are facing today.

While ABAM membership numbers have remained strong, and participation at events has increased with new initiatives introduced recently, we are facing a threat that, if not remedied soon, may greatly reduce our ability to continue to provide quality events for our members.

ABAM is, and has always been an organization that is there to support our Member Clubs, and to provide resources to our athletes to further there archery careers.  We are there to provide resources and assistance to our Clubs so they can host the type and quality of events that our members expect and deserve.  This is where we need your help.

Some of our clubs are struggling to get the volunteer help they need to host events.  In fact, this year several events have had to be cancelled due to lack of volunteers, and ABAM has had to take over the organization and hosting of some major events in order to ensure that they would occur.  This is something that ABAM cannot continue to do.  ABAM does not have the manpower to host events, and it takes away an opportunity for our clubs to raise funds for their use.

I appeal to you, if you are involved in our wonderful sport, and want to see it continue in this province, please join a local club, and volunteer to help.  Without this, our ability to host events in the future is in jeopardy.  We have member clubs throughout the province, so no matter where you are located, one will be close by.

We also have a pressing need for new officials & coaches.  Without officials to ensure that events are safe, and all archers are following the rules of the event, these events cannot happen.  We also rely on our officials to ensure that our archers are exposed to the type of events they will encounter when they venture outside our province to represent Manitoba or Archery Canada. Just as officiating is crucial to your ability as province to host quality events, certified coaches are instrumental to development of new archers. We are always looking for more members and club representatives to become certified from the beginner to advanced competition levels. Coaching the key to developing and retaining new participants through events and programming.

For more information on clubs near you, or training opportunities to become a certified judge or coach, please visit our website, or call our office during business hours.

Yours Truly,

Walter Potrebka
Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba