2017 – 2018 ABAM Bowhunting Awards

Bowhunter of the Year Award & Bowhunting Pin Award Program

We are happy to announce that recently appointed ABAM Provincial Bowhunting Coordinator, Brad Hackewich of the Yellowhead Bowhunters in Neepawa, has been working to re-establish the annual ABAM Bowhunter of the Year Award and Bowhunting Pin Awards. The annual award descriptions and forms are available below for your reference. For any questions regarding the awards programs, please email Brad at or the ABAM Office at

For Bowhunter of the year award, senior male and female (age 18 and over as of January 1st), a minimum of two species must be taken.

  • For Bowhunter of the year award, junior male and female (ages 12 to 17 as of January 1st), only one species is needed.
  • Each animal entered must be accompanied with the hunter’s tag number and tags are not transferable.
  • Animals taken in the rifle season using archery equipment may be entered.
  • Only one animal from each species may be entered with the following point system in effect:


SPECIES                                                                 POINTS

All animals must be taken under the rules of fair chase.  The term “Fair Chase” shall not include animals taken under the following conditions.

a) helpless in or because of deep snow
b) helpless in water
c) helpless on ice
d) helpless in a trap
e) While confined (game farms etc.)
f) by jack lighting
g) from any powered vehicle
h) no dogs may be used
i) any other method the board of directors deems unsportsmanlike.

  • All animals must be taken within the boundaries of Manitoba.
  • All animals must be taken according to date and season where game was hunted.
  • All members must abide by all wildlife regulations.
  • All animals entered must be taken with no other means than the bow and arrow.
  • All animals taken must be entered by the end of May of the next year (May 2018)
  • No heads will be measured until after 60 days of the date of kill.
  • All application forms must be signed by one witness who was present at the time of kill or who viewed the carcass.
  • Any animal taken before the annual membership fees are paid will not be eligible for any award or points.
  • Only ABAM members qualify for Bowhunter of the year awards.

An animal is eligible for any award only when recovered before the search by the hunter was abandoned and all other procedures were carried out in full, (tagging etc.).  If the animal was not recovered within 24 hours a letter of explanation must accompany the entry form and the board of directors will decide if animal is eligible for awards.

All entry forms should be sent to the Bowhunting Coordinator and he will make arrangements for all heads that require scoring or send a photocopy of your official score sheet.

All entries will receive an animal award pin.



2017- 2018 ABAM Bowhunting Pin Award Program

Each year, the ABAM awards “PIN AWARDS” for members who harvest game under fair chase in the respective hunting season.

These pins are for any legally taken animal. We have pins for turkey, bear, deer, moose, elk and caribou.

If you are an ABAM member in 2017/2018 and harvest one of the species between January 1, 2017 – May 25, 2018 simply complete the form below and mail it to the ABAM (regular mail or electronic) by May 31, 2018.

Members may apply for an award for each species that are harvested. Your pin will be mailed to you. Good Luck!

Please mail or email the form linked below to 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6 or 

To download the Pin Award Application Form Please Click Here


Position Posting: Provincial Target Team Head Coach

The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba are seeking a candidate to fill the position of Provincial Target Team Head Coach. Interested applicants are required to submit their resume before Friday April 20, 2018. To view the job listing and full job description, please see below:

Provincial Target Team Head Coach

Winnipeg, MB


The Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba (ABAM) is the Provincial Governing Body of the Sport of Archery in Manitoba. Our mission is to perpetuate, foster, and direct excellence in the sport of Archery. To achieve this mission, our vision is to provide leadership through the provision of programs, activities, facilities and financial support of archers.


Job Description:

  • Organize athlete training and competition plans in cooperation with personal coaches and parents
  • Communicate with personal coaches to monitor training and competitions
  • Work with athletes during competitions & training events
  • Create and execute a program task list annually
  • Scout talent at local competitions and programs
  • Sit as a member of the Athlete Development Committee


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Must hold a recognized certification from a coaching or national association, with a desired equivalent to Canadian NCCP Level 3, or working toward a comparable level of certification – Competition Development, Competition High Performance.
  • Should have proven ability and experience in developing a provincial level high performance development and competition program.
  • Demonstrated technical expertise specific to the discipline assigned to coach
  • Previous experience in Provincial level programs (coaching and training)
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid First Aid & CPR certification
  • Valid Sport Manitoba “Respect in Sport” Online Education
  • Valid Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks (Annually)
  • Valid ABAM Staff Agreement



The Provincial Coach will be compensated in the form of an honorarium or professional development opportunities, or combination of both. The honorarium amount and investment in professional development will be based on the qualifications of the candidate.

Honorarium & Professional Development amounts to be reviewed annually.


 How to Apply: Resumes are to be sent by mail or email no later than Friday April 20, 2018 to:

Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba

410 – 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2Z6



Full Job Description 







The ABAM is happy to announce the creation of a new permanent committee, the Executive Committee has moved to create the ABAM 3D Committee to represent and guide 3D Events and Athlete Development in the Province.

The committee will be made up of seven members, five voting and two non-voting (VP Events & Executive Director).  The ABAM 3D Committee will hold a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions.

In the first year of the committee (2018), three members will be selected to 3 year terms, while two members to two year terms.

To apply to serve on the ABAM 3D Committee, please download the application listed below and please indicate your desired term length. The application deadline is Friday April 13, 2018. Committee selection will take place Tuesday April 17, 2018.


Full Committee Description 

ABAM 3D Archery Committee


# Topic Text/Comments
1 Type of Committee


Standing Committee

(see ABAM Bylaws, Committees)

2 Purpose and Scope of Committee The ABAM 3D Archery Committee is responsible for matters relating to the disciplines of indoor and outdoor 3D target archery within the Archers & Bowhunters Association of Manitoba.


The 3D Archery Committee reports to the Executive Committee on all matters surrounding the disciplines, including the organization of 3D Events and Provincial Team Programs. Members of the committee will evaluate and offer feedback regarding possible changes to the discipline, scoring and timing procedures, tournament conduct and rules, tournament equipment, and other relevant aspects. The committee offers guidance and drafts documents with the goal of assisting the organization & member clubs promote the discipline from the initiation to Provincial Team level.

3 Composition


  • Number of members
  • Qualifications of members
  • How appointed/selected
  • Rotations (if any)
  • Quorum


The ABAM 3D Archery Committee consists of five (5) voting members elected to two-year terms and two (2) non-voting members. The committee will be chaired by the acting Vice President Events. The ABAM Executive Director will act as committee secretary. Nomination to the committee will be open to all ABAM Members through an application process. The selection of applications/nominees will be approved by the ABAM Executive Committee on recommendation by the acting Vice President Events.


All members ABAM 3D Committee must be current, active members of the ABAM.


Following the initiation of the committee, terms of membership shall begin on January 1st of the upcoming year, following selection by the Executive Committee.  Membership shall be staggered to assure continuity of the committee. In the initial year (2018), the committee terms will be staggered, three members will be selected to two year terms and two members will be selected to a one year term.


A quorum is defined as a majority of voting members of the ABAM 3D Committee.

4 Responsibilities/Duties


Duties of the ABAM 3D Archery Committee

1.      In coordination with the ABAM Executive Committee, recommend revisions to ABAM Programs and Procedures relevant to 3D Archery.

2.      Review the Provincial 3D Program Document annually to ensure that strategies and goals are relevant to the betterment of the program.

3.      Prepare status reports and minutes of meetings or conference calls for review by the ABAM Executive Committee.

4.      Communicate with the President of the ABAM prior to taking action or sending out correspondence that impacts on ABAM program participants, members or member clubs.

5.      Communicate all pertinent document, goals and recommendations to the ABAM Executive Committee in a timely manner.


5 Authority/Decision-Making


The ABAM 3D Archery Committee has no authority to make final decisions. The committee’s mandate is to make recommendations & produce program documents for review and final approval by the ABAM Executive Committee.
6 Meetings/Schedules


The ABAM 3D Committee holds a minimum six (6) face-to-face meetings or telephone conference calls, throughout the year as necessary, to perform its functions. Likewise, some issues are discussed and resolved via email communications. The committee chair has the authority to schedule additional meeting if necessary.



2018 Manitoba Winter Games – Archery

The 2018 Manitoba Winter Games Archery Event was held March 4 – 7 in Thompson, MB.  40 youth athletes aged 16 & Under from around the province competed in hopes of taking medals home for their region. The Archery event saw 20 female and 20 male athletes from five regions of Manitoba compete in multiple events  over a two and half day span. The competition began with the compound & recurve ranking rounds on Monday March 5th, followed by the Mixed Team Event taking place later in the day. On Tuesday March 6th, the archers competed in the Individual Match Play Rounds to determine the medalists of the individual events.

The competition saw many exciting moments including an intense Mixed Team Event with the support of a packed crowd cheering from the spectators area. The archery event created quite the buzz around the games village & venues as many locals, volunteers and other athletes stopped by our events to catch the action. With the addition of many archery parents making the trip to spectate, our venue was a busy spot over the jam packed two day schedule.

Despite many of our athletes, coaches and managers participating in an event of this scale for the first time, their skill, sportsmanship and poise was something to admire. The hard work and preparation by the regional teams shone through as we watched many archers excel at different moments through out the competition. As an organization, we are extremely proud of the effort by all of the athletes, coaches and mangers, and we are excited about the future potential of this group. We would like to recognize the coaches and managers for the immense contribution they made to ensure the athletes were prepared and supported at the games. Thank you very much to the following:

East Region Coach Mike Fox, East Region Manager Bernice Phillips, South Region Coach Pierre de Moissac, South Region Manager Pamela May, West Region Coach Chris Iverson, West Region Manager April Burdeny (Willis), Winnipeg Blue Region Coach David Dunwoody, Winnipeg Blue Region Manager Carrie Minion, Winnipeg Gold Region Coach Kelly Taylor, and Winnipeg Gold Region Manager Darlene Cherniak.

The organization was very fortunate to have a hardworking crew of officials, that made for a very well run event. The organization would like to recognize the officials for their contribution. Thank you to the following officials:

Travis Boucher, Tom Comberbach, Ron Cooney, Joanna Lachance, Walter Potrebka, Troy Richards and Kevin Shpak.

A special thank you to our Technical Delegate, Mike Oneschuk. Without hesitation, Mike committed to the lead role following the passing of Roger Garrod, who led the planning of this initiative until fall of last year.

Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful Sport Chairs from the Thompson Area, Sandra & Tom Crawford. The Crawford’s had little experience with competitive target archery when they, along with City of Thompson en devoured to host the games. But that didn’t have any negative impact on the quality of the event, Sandra & Tom worked extremely hard in lead up and during the games to ensure we had everything we needed to provide the athletes with a great experience. We cannot thank the Crawford’s and the people of Thompson enough for their warm hospitality and support throughout the event.

Photo Album

Photo Album 1 (Photos by Walter Potrebka) – Click Here
Photo Album 2 – Click Here


Individual Events:

Compound Female – Click Here 
Compound Male – Click Here
Recurve Female – Click Here
Recurve Male – Click Here

Team Events: (To view the athletes on each team, click the team name in the score brackets)

Compound Mixed Team 
Recurve Mixed Team 


Article: Winnipeg Blue archers win multiple medals in mixed and individual recurve – Click Here
Article: Local athletes earn medals at MB Winter Games in Thompson – Click Here
Article: Birtle Archer Wins Gold & Bronze at MB Winter Games – Click Here
Article: South Region Manitoba Winter Games Medalists
Article: Portage shines at Manitoba Games
Article: Winnipeg Blue makes a strong showing in archery finals


Club Support Bingo Grant – 2017/2018 Application Deadline Coming Soon

Club Support Bingo Grant

Bingo Funding Grant Application 2017 2018 – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION – (2017/2018 Application Deadline March 9, 2018)


  1. ABAM will retain complete control over all moneys earned and will distribute these funds to ABAM clubs, programs, athletes and events in accordance with budgets and the financial controls of the Association.
  2. Funding Distribution and Accountability will be directed by the “ABAM Bingo Funding Grant Program.
  3. The ABAM Bingo Funding Grant Program is available to all affiliated ABAM clubs in good standing.
  4. Application approval and funding levels will be at the discretion of the ABAM Executive Committee. The application and review process will be monthly throughout the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018).
  5. Clubs will be required to send their application, along with any required documents to the ABAM Office for the review by the Executive Committee. The monthly deadline for application submission is five (5) days in advance of the next Executive Committee meeting. Please note this deadline will not apply in the month of March, at which time the annual deadline will be applied.
  6. Clubs will be informed of funding approval within five (5) business days of the most recent Executive Committee meeting.
  7. Clubs are eligible to submit for funding up to $1000 per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). If approved for funding, fifty percent (50%) of the funding will be allocated immediately. The remaining fifty percent (50%) will be paid out at the end of the fiscal year (March 2018) after the applicant has submitted a copy of their yearend operating budget.
  8. The A.B.A.M. is accountable to Sport Manitoba for bingo funds and, accordingly, must be able to substantiate the distribution of bingo proceeds.





Volunteer Position: 2018 ABAM Provincial Target Team Manager

2018 ABAM Provincial Target Team Manager

The ABAM Athlete Development Committee is seeking a candidate to serve in the volunteer role of Provincial Target Team Manager in 2018. The application process will close end of day, Friday March 16, 2018. The selection of the position will be made by the ABAM Executive Committee on Tuesday March 20.

To apply please download the application form, fill out and submit by mail or email to the ABAM Office.

Download Word Version of Application: Click Here

Download PDF Version of Application: Click Here

Role & Selection

The Provincial Target Team Manager will be required to support the Provincial Head Coach (s), ABAM Athlete Development Committee, and Executive Director with planning, administrative and team promotional duties associated with team competitions & training events.

The role will be appointed annually by the executive committee under an application, review and recommendation procedure by the Athlete Development Committee. In addition to the program administrative duties of the role, the target team manager will assume the role at events identified by the athlete development committee.

In the absence of the Target Team Manager, Alternate Team Manager Applications per event will be evaluated and selection recommended by the athlete development committee. Final approval of the team manager will be under the authority of the executive committee.



  • Proven ability and experience in athlete, youth and volunteer management
  • Demonstrated understanding of target archery competition formats
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid First Aid & CPR certification
  • Valid Sport Manitoba “Respect in Sport” Online Education
  • Valid Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks (Annually)
  • Valid ABAM Staff Agreement


Program Operations & Support

  • Work with Executive Director, Provincial Coach & VP Athlete Development on Event Administration & Logistics.
  • Assist with planning and execution of team training plans.
  • Assist with communication to athlete, parents and personal coaches regarding program tasks. Tasks such as team training, competition planning, & volunteer initiatives.
  • Assist with planning of Provincial Team promotion and recruiting


Program Tasks

  • Work with athletes during competitions & training events
  • Create and execute a program task list annually
  • Scout talent at local competitions and programs
  • Assist with promotion of Provincial Team Program Events
  • Sit as a full member of the Athlete Development Committee


Power of Decision

The coordinator shall participate in meetings specific to the job requirements and will be responsible to make recommendations where necessary. The individual is required to communicate with the Provincial Coach to have decisions approved by the ABAM Executive Committee, through communication with the Executive Director & VP Athlete Development.



Bryanne Lameg and Team Canada Win Silver at World Indoors

(Shown in photo from left to right: Ashlyn Scriven (SK), J’lynn Mitchell (SK), & Bryanne Lameg)

Congratulations to Team Mantitoba Archer Bryanne Lameg and her teammates Ashlyn Scriven and J’lynn Mitchell of Saskatchewan on their silver medal finish at the 2018 Yankton World Archery Indoor Championships this past weekend!  The Canadian Women’s Junior Compound Team was ranked 4th going into their quarterfinal match against the 5th ranked Mexico. The quarter final match was very tight, seeing both teams take slim leads from one end to the next. Team Canada finished strong in the final end with a near perfect score of 59 of a total 60 points giving them a final score of 230 over Mexico’s 229. Click here to see the match summary:

Moving onto the semi finals, Team Canada was given the daunting task of competing against the top ranked Italians.  In a similar match to the quarterfinal, Canada and Italy kept the match tight through the first three ends with either team taking a slight lead at times. Again, Team Canada shone in the final end scoring a near perfect 59 points to take the final match with a final score of 230 to 229.  Click here to see the match summary:

The gold medal match saw the Canadian Women take on the second ranked team from USA. The match began with a tie in the first end, followed by Team Canada dropping five points in the second, putting them four points down from Team USA. The Canadian fought back with a strong third end tying that end with a score of 58 points. Despite the strong attempt to come back, the Canadian Team dropped one more point from the total in the last end, loosing to the Americans with a final score of 225 – 230. Click here to see the match summary:

Our organization is proud of Bryanne and her teammates on a very strong performance, rallying to knock off Team Mexico and the top ranked Italians to compete in the gold medal match was inspiring!


Austin Taylor and Team Canada Win Bronze at World Indoor Championships

(Photo from World Archery Website: Shown left to right – Tristan Spicer-Moran (SK), Cole Beres (AB), & Austin Taylor.

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor and teammates Cole Beres and Tristan Spicer-Moran on their Bronze Medal Finish in the Compound Junior Men Team Round at the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships!

“After losing to Australia in a shoot-off in the semis, Austin TaylorTristan Spicer-Moran and Cole Beres from Canada beat Denmark by one point, 232-231, to secure compound junior men’s bronze.

The Canadian men were behind by one over the first three ends. Then, in the fourth end, they scored five 10s and one nine against Denmark’s trio each of 10s and nines to take the win.

“It was good and stressful, but that’s normal, I guess. We shot well and we pulled it all together at the end which is the best we could ask for,” said Cole.

“We were down for most of the match, so all we were thinking was about putting the next arrow in the middle and not about the score at all. It was a good comeback.””

(from World Archery Online Article by ANDREA VASQUEZ, full article available at:



Update from the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships

Update from the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships:

Day 4

Following day four, Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor and teammates have captured a Bronze Medal after a great match against Denmark. Team Manitoba Archer, Bryanne Lameg and teammates J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriven won their quarter final and semi final matches to shoot for gold, tomorrow, Monday February 19 at 9:30 AM.

To follow the event results while they steam live, visit:…


Day three was individual eliminations for Compound Junior Women and Compound Junior Men round of 1/8 through to the end of the semi-finals. Austin Taylor entering his first match ranked 9th, shot against the 8th ranked Australian Archer Harri Howden. Austin dropped several points in opening two ends before coming back with three very strong ends scoring a total of 146. Despite Austin’s strong finish, he fell short of his opponent’s near perfect score of 149 of a possible 150 points.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg entered her first match ranked 6th, against opponent Ella Gibson, the 11th ranked archer from Great Britain. Bryanne started the match down a slim margin before taking a lead into the final end, where her opponent tied the match. The match was decided by a shoot off, which led to both archers scoring a nine. Unfortunately, Bryanne’s arrow was outside her opponent’s by a slight measurement and all three of our Manitoba Archers have been eliminated from individual match play rounds.

Bryanne will compete in the Women’s Junior Team Event with fellow Canadian’s J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriveni. The 4th ranked Canadian Women will compete in the 1/4 match against the 5th ranked Team Mexico at 11:10 AM, Saturday February 17th.

Moving on to the Team Rounds, Austin will be competing in the Compound Junior Men Team Event along side Cole Beres & Tristan Moran. The Junior Men’s team is ranked 3rd and will meet the 2nd ranked Australians at 11:40 AM on Saturday February 17th.

Good luck to all the Canadian Archers shooting matches today!

Follow the matches as results stream live here:



After Day 2, All three Manitoba Archers have completed their qualification round. Allan Gunter ranked 24th with a score of 581. Following the qualification round for Compound Men, Allan met 9th seeded Peter Elzinga of the Netherlands in the round of 1/16. Allan shot strong posting a score of 143, but fell short as Elzinga shot a near perfect score of 149.

(Photo: Allan Gunter)

In the Compound Junior Men Division, Austin Taylor finished his qualification round placed 9th with a score of 584, which was the top score from any Canadian on the day. Given the placement of 9th, Austin has a bye through the round of 1/16, he is scheduled to shoot against the 8th seeded Australian Archer Harri Howden at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Austin is successful he will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg is ranked 6th in the Compound Junior Women Division with a score of 576, which was a tie for top score of all Canadian Women on the day. Given the placement of 6th, Bryanne has a bye through the round of 1/16, she is scheduled to shoot against the 11th seeded Archer Ella Gibson, from Great Britain at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Bryanne is successful she will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

To follow the competition and view results as they stream live, please visit:


Austin Taylor Places 2nd at 2018 Vegas Shoot

Congratulations to Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor on placing second in the Youth Adult Division at the 2018 NFAA Vegas Shoot! Following the official scoring rounds, Austin was in a three way tie for 2nd place, in a division of over 50 archers from six different countries. The ties were determined by a live-streamed three-way shoot off, which Austin won, taking the final placement of second overall and winning a $1500 U.S. cash prize. This fantastic performance by Austin comes just ahead of the 2018 World Indoor Archery Championships which are taking place February 14 – 19 in Yankton, South Dakota. Austin will be representing Team Canada along with fellow Manitoban’s Allen Gunter and Bryanne Lameg. For a full listing of results of the NFAA Vegas Shoot, please go to: To follow the progress of Austin, Allan and Bryanne at the upcoming Indoor World Championships, please visit: