2019 Canada winter Games Manager – Archery

Application Deadline Wednesday September 19, 2018.  Please Click Here to Download the Application Form

Job Description


  • Must be a Female – As per Sport Manitoba Policy, the team must have one male and one female in the role of Coach and Manager. As we have selected a male coach, the manager must be female
  • Must have at least 2 years of Archery experience
  • Coaching experience is an asset.
  • Must be committed to continuing education by attending coaching symposiums, lectures, workshops, etc.



  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to communicate effectively with Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Officials.
  • Organization
  • Archery competition experience as an athlete, coach, official or administrator.
  • Ability to identify issues (relating to athletes, parents, coaching staff, Mission Staff, etc.) and resolve through mediation and communication.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with Sport Manitoba, Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Officials
  • Facilitate communication between Coaching Staff, athletes, Parents, Mission Staff, Provincial Sport Organizations, National Sport Organizations, Sport Manitoba, CGMC Canada Games Council and Host Society for preparation to compete at Canada Games.
  • Facilitate communication with media for results, feature interviews
  • Ensuring the well being of Athlete’s at the Games when not actively competing.
  • Attend all Sport Manitoba and CGMC meetings as required.
  • Provide necessary support to the Canada Games Coach
  • Provide a positive and memorable environment for the Canada Games Archery Team.
  • Access appropriate resources through the Performance Enhancement Project
  • Attend all mandatory Canada Games seminars, meeting, etc.
  • Attend all team training sessions
  • Attend 2019 Canada Winter Games and carry out all managerial functions necessary at the Games
  • Coordinate short and long-term logistical planning in cooperation with Coaching Staff, Mission Staff and other partners as needed.
  • Facilitate and ensure that all required documentation is processed within established deadlines.
  • Ensure that all team members including coaching staff are aware of, and participate in, all Canada Games functions.
  • Ensure team members including coaching staff are aware and comply with the ABAM and Team Manitoba Codes of Conduct.
  • Support the Athlete Post Games Evaluation tool
  • Submit a Post Games report
  • Maintain the ABAM and Team Manitoba Code of Ethics.


Compensation & Benefits

The position will include a $1000 honorarium for time spent in lead up to and at the Canada Winter Games. There will be no cost to the manager for local travel, travel to pre-games events & the Canada Winter Games. The Manager will receive a Canada Winter Games Clothing Package at no cost.