Update from the 2018 World Archery Indoor Championships:

Day 4

Following day four, Team Manitoba Archer Austin Taylor and teammates have captured a Bronze Medal after a great match against Denmark. Team Manitoba Archer, Bryanne Lameg and teammates J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriven won their quarter final and semi final matches to shoot for gold, tomorrow, Monday February 19 at 9:30 AM.

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Day three was individual eliminations for Compound Junior Women and Compound Junior Men round of 1/8 through to the end of the semi-finals. Austin Taylor entering his first match ranked 9th, shot against the 8th ranked Australian Archer Harri Howden. Austin dropped several points in opening two ends before coming back with three very strong ends scoring a total of 146. Despite Austin’s strong finish, he fell short of his opponent’s near perfect score of 149 of a possible 150 points.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg entered her first match ranked 6th, against opponent Ella Gibson, the 11th ranked archer from Great Britain. Bryanne started the match down a slim margin before taking a lead into the final end, where her opponent tied the match. The match was decided by a shoot off, which led to both archers scoring a nine. Unfortunately, Bryanne’s arrow was outside her opponent’s by a slight measurement and all three of our Manitoba Archers have been eliminated from individual match play rounds.

Bryanne will compete in the Women’s Junior Team Event with fellow Canadian’s J’lynn Mitchell & Ashlyn Scriveni. The 4th ranked Canadian Women will compete in the 1/4 match against the 5th ranked Team Mexico at 11:10 AM, Saturday February 17th.

Moving on to the Team Rounds, Austin will be competing in the Compound Junior Men Team Event along side Cole Beres & Tristan Moran. The Junior Men’s team is ranked 3rd and will meet the 2nd ranked Australians at 11:40 AM on Saturday February 17th.

Good luck to all the Canadian Archers shooting matches today!

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After Day 2, All three Manitoba Archers have completed their qualification round. Allan Gunter ranked 24th with a score of 581. Following the qualification round for Compound Men, Allan met 9th seeded Peter Elzinga of the Netherlands in the round of 1/16. Allan shot strong posting a score of 143, but fell short as Elzinga shot a near perfect score of 149.

(Photo: Allan Gunter)

In the Compound Junior Men Division, Austin Taylor finished his qualification round placed 9th with a score of 584, which was the top score from any Canadian on the day. Given the placement of 9th, Austin has a bye through the round of 1/16, he is scheduled to shoot against the 8th seeded Australian Archer Harri Howden at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Austin is successful he will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

On the women’s side, Bryanne Lameg is ranked 6th in the Compound Junior Women Division with a score of 576, which was a tie for top score of all Canadian Women on the day. Given the placement of 6th, Bryanne has a bye through the round of 1/16, she is scheduled to shoot against the 11th seeded Archer Ella Gibson, from Great Britain at 3:15 PM on Friday February 16th. If Bryanne is successful she will shoot in a 1/4 final match at 4:05 PM, followed by a semi final match at 4:45 PM.

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